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There are some things you should know before you perform anything on this site. There is obviously some risk involved here, but everyone I know of has been able to restore their iPhone by using iTunes. I’ve heard no report of anyone damaging their iPhone by modding it.

  • This site is not for those uncomfortable around computers, and especially the command line or Terminal. If you aren’t sure about something on here, then I recommend stopping what you are doing and hooking up your iPhone to iTunes and signing up for a contract with AT&T.
  • You risk voiding your warranty.
  • Read the instructions in their entirety. Do not read into the instructions, follow only what is there. If you can’t follow directions, you may may damage your phone requiring a replacement from Apple.
  • I am not responsible for your results if they are less than what you expected. You assume all risks. I recommend seeking help in iPhone hacking forums or in the irc room. Check my links page to find them.
  • You will lose the ability to use your YouTube desktop icon following the instructions on this site. This ability may be restored by the hacker community, or if you should decide to restore your phone via iTunes and sign up for a service contract with AT&T.
  • You will not have visual voicemail or EDGE access unless there is another iPhone that is properly activated via AT&T in your family plan. There is no work around and most likely there never will be one.
  • I have noticed Yahoo mail does not work with the iPhone in a modded state. This may apply to all other mail access like Gmail .mac, AOL et cetera.
  • It is unknown what, if any, effect future updates to iTunes or iPhone software and firmware will have on the modifications we are able to do.

All other methods of cracking activation

Mac users, don’t forget, while there are many Windows-only solutions to cracking the phone, you can use Boot Camp or Parallels to run Windows on your Mac and do these same things.

Method 1

(intel Mac only)

This method is easy! It’s a simple application and you just click a button to deactivate or reactivate the iPhone. I tested it myself. Here’s how it works:

  • Connect iPhone to your Mac.
  • Launch iTunes.
  • Launch the iPhone Activation Tool.
  • Click the Activate iPhone button.
  • The screen on the iPhone goes from the activate phone message to the incorrect sim message. Just slide the bar at the bottom to access the home screen.

You can also use the Jailbreak and iPhoneInterface functions with it if you really want to do some modding too. I’ve seen the link go up and disappear quickly so I’m not taking chances and I’m hosting the program here too. It’s made by “spoonet” and it’s up to version 0.3.

Method 2

(intel Mac only)

For us Mac users out there, here are some instructions I found (rewritten to reduce confusion):

  • Download this file to your Mac.
  • Extract this file it to a folder (sometimes Safari does this automatically) on your desktop and make sure it is named “iPhoneTool”
  • Open Terminal. This is an application located in your Applications/Utilities folder.
  • Type the following command into Terminal: cd ~/Desktop/iPhoneTool
  • Make sure your iPhone is connected to your Mac and close the iTunes program.
  • To activate your iPhone type the following command into Terminal: ./tool –activate a.plist
  • Launch iTunes. iTunes will ask you to activate the iPhone with AT&T. Click cancel, and then it will ask “are you sure?… any progress made in activating… will be lost.” Click yes.
  • Your iPhone should display something about a SIM error. Just slide the unlock bar over and it should work. You should now be able to configure the iPhone through iTunes.
  • If later you should decide to deactivate this tool, go to the Terminal and enter: ./tool –deactivate

I got these instructions from this site.

There was also an iPhone activation key linked to these instructions. You can download that here.

Method 3

(intel Mac only)

There is some more research that you can read about here. One of the people in this thread has ported DVD Jon’s Phone Activation Server over to Java. Since they are hosting this file on one of those free hosting sites (which I greatly despise), I’m also hosting this file on my site so it just doesn’t disappear. You can get it right here.


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