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Is this your Internet Service Provider or ISP? stupid IT Staff of mydestiny.



  1. cool huh!

    bad IT support i think!

  2. woist wag ganyan! di mo kelangan iexposed yung u and p. the information that they’ve been hacked is enough.

    • dissatisfied gurl
    • Posted November 6, 2007 at 10:31 am
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    grabe ang daming hackers sa destiny! cant believe! every minute may nag ttry mag hack! kaka kabit lng ng internet ko may hacker na. kawawa tayosa detiny!!!! feeling ko mga taga IT rin nila gumagawa nito

  3. TO: dissatisfied gurl
    Its not the IT people of destiny who is responsible for this, its an outside attack which means na hack and system nila labas ng kanilang opisina kaya malayong inside job ito, this only shows na hindi secure ang system sa Destiny. This is a wake up call for destiny management na there are hackers who are ready to destroy their system and have a IT security awareness.

  4. cap na nga ang speed tapos na hahack pa sila..
    hindi pa maayos ang serbisyo nila.. hayzz.
    yung site nga nila hindi pa nila maayos.
    yung it staff nila wala pang alam..
    paano nabubuhay ang mydestiny??

  5. shell maybe. most probably safe mode off.

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