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I’m not sure if Halloween is widely celebrated in China, but it seems the government nonetheless chose that day to present their citizens with a gift: access to YouTube.

Of course, this is the same government that was responsible for them not having access for the previous couple of weeks, so the kindness of this act is debatable.  Also, we haven’t forgotten that the government fiddled with properties owned by Yahoo and Microsoft, as well.

Still, users in China generally seem grateful for YouTube’s reappearance.  And hopeful that it will remain accessible.  Richard Brubaker, who runs the All Roads Lead To China site, writes, “Now, would everyone please play fair with the Net Nanny, we can all continue to enjoy our favorite Youtube movies without the use of an annoying proxy server.”

That’s assuming that some other source doesn’t change the government’s mind, though; we still don’t know what caused the most recent round of trouble.  The U.S. government’s relationship with the Dalai Lama may have been behind it, or the tipping point could have been YouTube’s launch of a Chinese-language version.

In any event, people in China can – for the time being – take a look at all the spooky videos they please.


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