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Software giant goes public with $44.6 billion bid for the Net pioneer. Will Yahoo succumb to the advances or rebuff Microsoft as it has before?

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Microsoft board to address next step in bid for Yahoo

Move could come in the next several days, according to a source. That’s amid what appears to be a softening stance from the Internet search pioneer.
Ozzie opens Mix with Yahoo mention
Yahoo extends deadline for Microsoft to name opposition slate
March 5, 2008

Microsoft-Yahoo buyout bid: The road ahead

As Microsoft looks at the road ahead in its takeover bid for Yahoo, it might also want to glance at the rearview mirror to see what’s been traveled.
March 4, 2008

Microsoft-Yahoo combo could mean one fewer exit for upstarts

The two companies have acquired more than 150 companies, combined, over the last 12 years. Will the M&A spigot get turned down in a merged company?
March 3, 2008

Are Microsoft and Yahoo talking or not?

A mixed message is coming out of Redmond. Microsoft’s CFO says Yahoo hasn’t formally responded to its buyout bid, while its CEO says a “range of dialogue” is occurring.
March 3, 2008

Microsoft CFO: No one asked about Yahoo, but…

Speaking on Monday at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference, company’s top bean counter says he’s surprised that nobody asked about Yahoo.
March 3, 2008

Backdoor approach to a Microsoft-Yahoo deal?

Annual shareholder meetings of Berkshire Hathaway and Morgan Stanley may present prime opportunities for Microsoft and Yahoo top dogs to get it together.
March 3, 2008

Yahoo to extend proxy slate deadline?

Internet pioneer has the option of extending the March 14 deadline for shareholders to nominate a slate of directors friendly to Microsoft’s buyout bid.
February 29, 2008

Yahoo says Microsoft’s bid is distracting workforce

In Yahoo’s annual report, the company blames Microsoft’s acquisition bid for creating uncertainty for Yahoo’s workforce.
February 27, 2008

Ballmer on EU, Yahoo

The Microsoft chief executive says that Wednesday’s fines are the result of past issues and says that Microsoft is fully complying with Brussels’ demands. He says Yahoo effort continues, but offers little new on Redmond’s strategy.
February 27, 2008

Microsoft recasts legal team for Yahoo bid

Company switches legal counsel for its Yahoo megamerger after the firm it hired announces a conflict with another client.
February 26, 2008

Confidence lacking in Microsoft-Yahoo merger at online ad meeting

Attendees of the Interactive Advertising Bureau annual meeting say Yahoo and Microsoft may need each other but neither really knows what to do to beat Google.
February 25, 2008

Yahoo mum on Microsoft, but hints at Digg rival

At online ad event, execs Yang and Decker dodge questions about Microsoft takeover bid, but talk up forthcoming announcement about a new feature on Yahoo’s home page.
Yahoo launches Buzz right on schedule
February 25, 2008

More Yahoo shareholders sue over Microsoft bid

Also, Windows Live boss Kevin Johnson pens a memo about the bid to Microsoft employees, though its purpose seems just as much an attempt to reassure Yahoo workers.
February 22, 2008

Yahoo, Microsoft nearing the end game

Even if Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang has a plan for life without the software giant, events are passing him by, CNET’s Charles Cooper says.
Microsoft’s proxy slate profile
February 21, 2008

Gates explains why Microsoft needs Yahoo

A main driver of the takeover bid is the desire for “great engineers,” says Microsoft’s chairman. Plus: Windows 7 and other future tech.
Podcast: Behind Bill Gates’ latest call to arms
February 20, 2008

Microsoft waiting for formal rejection

Wondering why Redmond hasn’t upped its bid for Yahoo yet? The software giant may be waiting for a “Dear John” letter.
Microsoft exec confident deal will work
Yahoo outlines golden parachutes for employees
February 19, 2008

Report: Yahoo board divided over Microsoft bid

New York Post says Yahoo’s board is starting to split, with some independent directors sensing that CEO Jerry Yang is viewing the bid too emotionally.
Top Yahoo shareholders could support Microsoft
February 15, 2008

Memo to Microsoft: Yahoo’s A-list

The merger-minded software giant will likely want to keep Yahoo execs in a host of areas, including online ads, social media and Web search.
Microsoft’s acquisition track record
February 13, 2008

Microsoft may pick own services over Yahoo’s

Redmond could stick with its own ad and mobile platforms, yet choose Yahoo’s search engine, e-mail, and Web 2.0 applications.
February 12, 2008

What’s Microsoft’s next move?

After a resounding “no” on its unsolicited buyout offer for Yahoo, Redmond will either up the ante or ready a one-two punch.
Yahoo rejects Microsoft’s bid
February 11, 2008

Bid raises more congressional eyebrows

Another House committee plans to hold a hearing on developments in the online ad world, regardless of whether the Microsoft-Yahoo deal goes through.
February 5, 2008

Flickr fans band together to fend off Microsoft

More than 1,800 users of the photo-sharing site sign up for a group opposing Microsoft’s $44.6 billion offer for Yahoo, which owns Flickr.
February 5, 2008

Ballmer: Attack Google with or without Yahoo

What happens if Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo doesn’t go through? Continue full steam ahead with Redmond’s existing plan to build its online-ad business.
February 4, 2008

Google calls Microsoft’s ‘hostile’ bid troubling

A Microsoft-Yahoo merger could threaten the openness on which the Internet is based, a Google executive says.
February 3, 2008



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