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I’am not a Hacker, i don’t even know how to assemble a p.c I just put the name GRAYHATS because i like their principle. I love reading articles about hacking, participating in Forums, and underground websites. I love spending my time in computer instead of going to parties, or i’d rather go for research about new tools and update myself in I.T news, its my passion!. For comments and suggestion you can email here NEW:

I’m currently updating the site.. enjoy!

To Enjoy Video Streaming please use Mozilla Firefox…



  1. Hi! We at are glad you added us in your links, just one thought… won’t you mind if you change “Location Finder” as KABEETmaps instead? Thanks and more power to you.

    KABEET.COM Connection

  2. Sure no problem… thanks for dropping by to my blog, looking forward to be in business to you guys! your website is very usefull..

  3. hi2,,, nice blog,,, keep share bro,,, ^^

  4. Thanks man! keep visiting!

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